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Horse Vet & Elite Equine Care

Dedicated Horse Vet & Elite Equine Care in Conon Bridge, Dingwall, Ross-shire

A horse or pony is a special kind of companion, and Conanvet are devoted to equine care. Our elite equine care and support team are here to attend to the varied needs of your horse or foal, and can even help you to evaluate a horse or pony you are considering buying. If your horse falls ill, we will be there to help, even after-hours. Trust Conanvet’s elite equine care team to look after your horse, pony or foal.

"Many of our staff have their own horses, so there is a special place in our hearts for these animals"

equine care

Routine Equine Healthcare

Our horse vets can provide all of the routine healthcare needed to keep your horse or pony healthy and safe. This may include: Vaccinations, these are an essential part of horse ownership, and we can advise on vaccination routines based around what is best for you and your horse/pony; Worming and worm egg counts, much like vaccinations, a regular worming routine is a crucial part of horse and pony ownership.

Elite Equine Care

At Conanvet we know that elite equine care needs can vary wildly depending on the type of equestrianism you and your horse are involved in. Our dedicated equine vet can advise on your horse’s individual needs and provide elite equine care specifically tailored to promote the health and performance of your horse. Get in touch to learn how we can support you with the very best elite equine care available in the Highlands.

Wide Range Of Equine Vet Services

We can provide a wide range of Equine Vet services due to our state-of-the-art equipment such as ultrasounds, endoscopes and mobile x-rays, combined with a dedicated and experienced Equine care team.

We have a 100% dedicated horse vet, accredited in RCVS Equine General Practice, this means we continually meet the RCVS General Practice Standards for equine patients.