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Dingwall and Inverness vets for small pets in Conan Bridge

At Conan Vets, we know that your pet is an important member of your family. We also know that when it comes to choosing vets in Scotland to look after your pet’s medical needs, you want quality care and peace of mind.

As one of the oldest veterinary practices and animal clinics in Scotland, we specialise in household pets. With a highly-trained staff, our Dingwall and Inverness vets have the experience and expertise to provide a caring service to the four-legged members of your family.

Treatments & Vaccinations

For dog owners we have flea and worm treatments, puppy vaccinations, and kennel cough treatments with competitive dog booster prices. We can help you understand the requirements of the various dog breeds to help you get the most out of your animal. If you’re looking for our puppy vaccinations price list get in touch with one of the team today on our vet number 01349 861203.

Always There For You

With flexible hours, home visit vets in Inverness and Dingwall and a fully-equipped veterinary clinic and surgical facility in Conon Bridge, we are here for you and your animals. We take care of routine treatments and regular check-ups, annual vaccinations, and if required, for any unexpected needs.

Vet Fees and More Details

Conanvet, Dingwall and Inverness vets, gives you peace of mind with clear, easy to understand vet bills and highly recommended staff. For details like our vet fees call the team today on 01349 861203 for more information.

Our promise: "At Conanvet, we will care for your pet as if it was our own."

Considering becoming a pet owner or getting a new addition? Do you need help with dog breeds?

New Pet Advice

A new puppy or kitten requires special care and attention. We can advise you on immunisations, flea and worm treatment, pet health, and training for the newest member of your family.

Veterinary New Pet Check-ups

Our veterinary nurses also conduct pet checks to make sure your pet remains healthy including weight checks. If you aren’t sure which breed to get, we can help with advice on selecting the most suitable pet for your family, guiding you through the various dog breeds. Our clear vet prices let you know what to expect from our comprehensive veterinary care.

Pet health plans and special attention for older animals

Pet Health Plans & Insurance

As your pet grows older, its needs change. You may find your animal requires increased health care, and we are here to help look after your pet’s changing needs as they age. We can guide you to the best pet health insurance and our pet health club will keep your animal fighting fit.

Smaller Pets

For kittens and guinea pigs we have pet health plans and vets prices to suit everyone. Our caring veterinary staff are always here to help and vet nurse times to suit your needs.